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2 more sideview battlers which are Remius and Sairen from Princess Princess (kk I know they’re VXA default characters, but I prefer calling them like this) I’ll work on Elicia later >_> also sorry for the quite huge height difference between them orz

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Credits to Archeia_Nessiah too as I used her Remius battler as a major reference
And some tiles
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edited from RPG Maker VX Ace tilesets


XP battlebacks

Side Notes:

XP Battlebacks

These are originally from XP RTP.

Size: 640 x 480

I’ll leave the resize part to you all like usual :P

Side Notes:

Ace Battlebacks again!

I’m trying to turn as many VX Ace battlebacks to sideview format as possible :P

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Add-ons for Modern Battlebacks

Like the modern battlebackgrounds I’ve posted so far, but feel like they’re bland and kinda empty?

No more worries, I’ve compiled/ripped some add-ons for them, now you can have your own SITUATIONAL battlebacks by adding them in ;)


  • Azraezel/Dan
  • Gazelle
  • EvilEagles

An example:

Please note that:

  • Things are not completely sorted logically and neatly, I only compiled them from rips and ripped some myself.

Modern Battlebacks


  • AzRaezel
  • Scanime
  • Enterbrain
  • EvilEagles

Lava Cave & Dimension

No one blames you for freaking the hell out!


Some battlebacks

These are some battlebackgrounds from various sources such as Spriters’ Resourcewhich have been heavily edited by me to fit RPG Maker VX’s screen size. More to come later.

Feel free to use them. Please just remember read the Terms of Use before using them and give credits to the following people:

  • AzRaezel
  • Scanime
  • Enterbrain
  • EvilEagles