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ReStaff February 2013 Release!

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2 more sideview battlers which are Remius and Sairen from Princess Princess (kk I know they’re VXA default characters, but I prefer calling them like this) I’ll work on Elicia later >_> also sorry for the quite huge height difference between them orz

Posted ImagePosted Image

Credits to Archeia_Nessiah too as I used her Remius battler as a major reference
And some tiles
Posted Image

edited from RPG Maker VX Ace tilesets


Not sure how this could be of used to you but figured I should just post it anyway :P edited from Mack‘s tilesets.

Side Notes:

Mack Roofs recolored

Some recolors for the roofs in Mack’s tilesets.


World Map Mountains Addons

Some moar for you World-Mappers ^_^ those are edited from XP/Ace RTP Tilesets to blend better with the mountain auto-tiles.

World Map Mountains

For your World Map mapping ;)


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  • Enterbrain

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