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ReStaff February 2013 Release!

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2 more sideview battlers which are Remius and Sairen from Princess Princess (kk I know they’re VXA default characters, but I prefer calling them like this) I’ll work on Elicia later >_> also sorry for the quite huge height difference between them orz

Posted ImagePosted Image

Credits to Archeia_Nessiah too as I used her Remius battler as a major reference
And some tiles
Posted Image

edited from RPG Maker VX Ace tilesets

Stats Buff/Debuff Icons

Side Notes:

XP Battlebacks

These are originally from XP RTP.

Size: 640 x 480

I’ll leave the resize part to you all like usual :P

Side Notes:

Ace Battlebacks again!

I’m trying to turn as many VX Ace battlebacks to sideview format as possible :P

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World Map Mountains Addons

Some moar for you World-Mappers ^_^ those are edited from XP/Ace RTP Tilesets to blend better with the mountain auto-tiles.

First try at editing Battlers

A so-called ‘Winged Assassin’ D:


And a Black-Winged Wizard ._.

I know it sucks, stop it OTL

Side Notes:

  • Yanfly has released another script which is YEA – Command Party that allows changing party formation during battles. Check it out!
  • It seems our Archeia has found an effective method to make VX RTP Battlers match VX Ace RTP Battlers. Check it out here. The colors DO look much much brighter and livelier. Go Go Archeia.

World Map Mountains

For your World Map mapping ;)


  • EvilEagles
  • Enterbrain

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Modern Battlebacks


  • AzRaezel
  • Scanime
  • Enterbrain
  • EvilEagles

Lava Cave & Dimension