Tis what I’ve been doing :P Just started learning pixel art seriously about more than a week and this is what I’ve got so far. I’m quite happy with the result so far to be honest XD

Feel free to use them like usual of course, either commercial or non-commercial.

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Just an NPC. A drunkard :P spritesheet inside.

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XP battlebacks

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Stats Buff/Debuff Icons

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Not sure how this could be of used to you but figured I should just post it anyway :P edited from Mack‘s tilesets.

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[RGSS3]Enu’s Sideview + Yami’s CTB

Poor Yami …

Mack Roofs recolored

Some recolors for the roofs in Mack’s tilesets.


XP Battlebacks

These are originally from XP RTP.

Size: 640 x 480

I’ll leave the resize part to you all like usual :P

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Ace Battlebacks again!

I’m trying to turn as many VX Ace battlebacks to sideview format as possible :P

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World Map Mountains Addons

Some moar for you World-Mappers ^_^ those are edited from XP/Ace RTP Tilesets to blend better with the mountain auto-tiles.