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Reopening this blog

Not sure what I’ll be posting after reopening this but, there seem to be quite a good amount of people who want access to the ‘resources’ I’ve posted so far so, here you go. I’ll see if I have anything to post here >_>


I’m totally not dead

Well, some of you who know me personally would have already known this, I’m not gone or anything. It’s just real life stuff (mostly just schoolwork) and connection problems coming up simultaneously have made it seem like I’d abandoned this place.

Will try to update more stuff on here in a near future >_>

While you guys are at it though, maybe check out my deviantArt?

11,000 hits already?

So it’s really is 11,000 hits. Already? Yes.

A few days ago I notice the blog stats was 9,987 and I wanted to catch 10,000 a lot. But meh, apparently I couldn’t.

So I just want to say thanks to you guys for spending a few minutes of your life to check this blog out every now and then. And also I’m sorry for not updating this blog regularly with my not-so-good resources. I know they aren’t good enough yet, as I am still practicing, but after all, I just want to share things I make AND I consider quite good stuff. Promise I’ll try my best and keep improving. Also, expect something in a week or so. I’ve been making resources, but I decided to save them all for an evil plan.

So once again, I thank you, especially my WordPress allies, for your constant support.

By the way, I’ve been frequenting this forum lately. If you don’t know it yet, it’s a forum run by Degica – RPG Maker English series’ official distributor. The staff there are mostly from, which used to be my cyber home, and because of iEntry – the shittiest company ever – it’s now perceptionally considered gone, as the members are being advised to migrate to RPG Maker Web forum.

So yeah, it’s my new cyber home now. I hope to see you guys over there. Please have a nice day!

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