11,000 hits already?

So it’s really is 11,000 hits. Already? Yes.

A few days ago I notice the blog stats was 9,987 and I wanted to catch 10,000 a lot. But meh, apparently I couldn’t.

So I just want to say thanks to you guys for spending a few minutes of your life to check this blog out every now and then. And also I’m sorry for not updating this blog regularly with my not-so-good resources. I know they aren’t good enough yet, as I am still practicing, but after all, I just want to share things I make AND I consider quite good stuff. Promise I’ll try my best and keep improving. Also, expect something in a week or so. I’ve been making resources, but I decided to save them all for an evil plan.

So once again, I thank you, especially my WordPress allies, for your constant support.

By the way, I’ve been frequenting this forum lately. If you don’t know it yet, it’s a forum run by Degica – RPG Maker English series’ official distributor. The staff there are mostly from RPGMakerVX.net, which used to be my cyber home, and because of iEntry – the shittiest company ever – it’s now perceptionally considered gone, as the members are being advised to migrate to RPG Maker Web forum.

So yeah, it’s my new cyber home now. I hope to see you guys over there. Please have a nice day!

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