Add-ons for Modern Battlebacks

Like the modern battlebackgrounds I’ve posted so far, but feel like they’re bland and kinda empty?

No more worries, I’ve compiled/ripped some add-ons for them, now you can have your own SITUATIONAL battlebacks by adding them in ;)


  • Azraezel/Dan
  • Gazelle
  • EvilEagles

An example:

Please note that:

  • Things are not completely sorted logically and neatly, I only compiled them from rips and ripped some myself.


Side notes:

  • So, you like Princess Princess? And you happen to like Isabella? AND you happen to like, ugh, *nosebleeds* OwO anyway, check this awesome work out. I’ve always been a fan or Archeia d(O_O)b
  • Gahhhh, Cannibalism!!!! (>.<) Also I’ve just noticed, Kread has got a naise looking banner for his blog right now so I’m putting it in my Assured Awesomenesses list. There you go, Kread.
  • Yanfly, like usual, has made another freaking fantastic work to celebrate this Christmas – YEA Command Equip. I’ve always loved RPGs that allows the players the ability to change the characters’ equipment inside battles. Check it out guys ;)
  • Beware! VX Ace has now the ability to create Infective States, so, ugh, be careful. BLAME YAMI OWO

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