Where’s your manner?

Didn’t mean to turn this blog into a rant dump but, I guess I just had to.

I’m generally a friendly and generous person, or at least I think I am at the moment. I know for a fact that I never was a great heart before, due to never having received anything even remotely close to positive from other people besides my own family. Not even real life friends.

But someone came along and changed me completely. Sometimes I’m thankful to them for making my way of thinking and belief turn way more positive, and other times, I hate them for changing me into a blind slave who will always underestimate his own abilities, disregard his own self values, and work his ass off for other people with a big smile.

Nowadays if you know me a bit personally, I’ll most probably say yes to helping you with almost anything within my fields, usually happily, without demanding any sort of substantial compensation. Or even when you’re a lazy fuck – and you know it – on the verge of having a major part of your life fall apart, that only a miracle could help you, I will still come along and help you in any way I can, either out of love or pity, expecting absolutely nothing in return. In a sense, sometimes I think it’s a productive trait to have. By believing that life is all about giving, you are more or less helping in making the world a better place, and you’ll soon start to get better in whatever you do, as well as better as a person, a friend, a spouse, a parent or whatever. This, I still do think is true.

But after a while, you start to have certain expectations on other people, which I believe in most cases are still within a reasonable range, and those expectations can have an accumulative effect, strike you hard at some point, and even drive you into a ditch full of worms that most would call ‘depression’.

Don’t get me wrong, by ‘expectations’, I didn’t mean that I expected the very same thing from others, as it would contradict with the exact belief that made me do all these in the first place. And that doesn’t mean that standing by this belief of mine, I’m supposed to expect truly nothing from others either.

I do. But not something substantial that can be directly beneficial to me, but something more motivational. Gratitude? Acknowledgement? Maybe both? I’m not very sure. But it has to be something that can serve as some sort of verification, or encouragement, that can remind me that I’m on the right track doing the right thing.

But there’s this one thing that I know for sure: all of the aforementioned things can be distilled from something as simple as saying “Thank you!”. It does the job of delivering your message – which you may mean it, or you may not, I don’t care – across just fucking fine.

And still, those two words seem to be quite a luxury to some people, as though they’re among the most difficult words to say ever. And sometimes it makes me question my own genuinity to the point of inner depression. But now I know, it’s not my own fault to begin with, and it shall never be.

You may think I care too much about minor details. Trust me, this is not. I mean come on, you should have known that just because the values of benefit in the compensation you’re giving can be reduced to zero, doesn’t mean that the value of importance in something else will remain the same. When we agree that by doing you a favor, I’m receiving something physically valuable back, like say money, I may not need to hear your “Thank you!” because I know I’m getting something else. That’s right. But when I’m doing you a favor without asking for anything, don’t you think it’s common sense that I am betting my own time and effort on just a simple “Thank you!”, and thus its importance grows significantly as a result?. A simple gratitude or acknowledgement, compressed in two simple words that literally cause you zero loss, can give people like us – who just 5 minutes ago did you a huge favor – significant values. So why do some people still not realize its importance? I’m not going to change my view on people just because of this. I just thought this should be addressed as I’ve seen and experienced such depression myself, and I know that it’s not a joke.

“Yay <3” does not equate “Thank you” and is not interchangeable with “Thank you”.

Folks, please do us a little favor, spend 1-2 seconds of your life, say these 2 words properly, to let us know that you actually appreciate it, even when you may not really do. It’s just that important, as I’ve said up there. Telling us how happy you are to see your work done doesn’t actually make us feel as good like in those modern fairy tales. Instead it’s almost like saying “I don’t give a shit about you. I’m just happy that my work got done. Your job is over, please move on.”

It’s just so … heartbreaking at times. We just don’t say it.

So yeah, before you continue to carry on with whatever grand and noble endeavor you’re in, just ask yourself a simple question: “Where’s your manner?”

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Reopening this blog

Not sure what I’ll be posting after reopening this but, there seem to be quite a good amount of people who want access to the ‘resources’ I’ve posted so far so, here you go. I’ll see if I have anything to post here >_>

I’m totally not dead

Well, some of you who know me personally would have already known this, I’m not gone or anything. It’s just real life stuff (mostly just schoolwork) and connection problems coming up simultaneously have made it seem like I’d abandoned this place.

Will try to update more stuff on here in a near future >_>

While you guys are at it though, maybe check out my deviantArt?


2 more sideview battlers which are Remius and Sairen from Princess Princess (kk I know they’re VXA default characters, but I prefer calling them like this) I’ll work on Elicia later >_> also sorry for the quite huge height difference between them orz

Posted ImagePosted Image

Credits to Archeia_Nessiah too as I used her Remius battler as a major reference
And some tiles
Posted Image

edited from RPG Maker VX Ace tilesets

Just Naia

Promise I’ll redo her once I’m good enough.

More Side-view Battlers

Yeah so, finally … It’s been a while, huh? ;)

Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image

Side Notes:

  • Victor Sant made a complementary script for his ‘VE – Animated Battle’ script named ‘VE- Sprites in Windows
  • Our dear friend Ramiro is not gonna be around for a while. A little bit sad :<
  • Yami released YSE – Image Display based on Variables
  • So recently I’ve been playing Princess Princess V5 made by Archeia and HER TEAM, and struggling in the optional battle against Syrn and his bitch (sorry but I kinda had to say ‘bitch’ :\), Citrus, no matter how many times I tried. In fact, I managed to take Citrus down twice (in 2 different attempts of course), but then in I got careless and Syrn, being able to act twice a turn, DID HIS BLOODY KILLER MOVE ON MY PARTY TWICE AND TOOK THEM ALL DOWN LIKE A MOTHERFUCKER.  So yeah, feel free to mock or make fun of me as much as you want.

11,000 hits already?

So it’s really is 11,000 hits. Already? Yes.

A few days ago I notice the blog stats was 9,987 and I wanted to catch 10,000 a lot. But meh, apparently I couldn’t.

So I just want to say thanks to you guys for spending a few minutes of your life to check this blog out every now and then. And also I’m sorry for not updating this blog regularly with my not-so-good resources. I know they aren’t good enough yet, as I am still practicing, but after all, I just want to share things I make AND I consider quite good stuff. Promise I’ll try my best and keep improving. Also, expect something in a week or so. I’ve been making resources, but I decided to save them all for an evil plan.

So once again, I thank you, especially my WordPress allies, for your constant support.

By the way, I’ve been frequenting this forum lately. If you don’t know it yet, it’s a forum run by Degica – RPG Maker English series’ official distributor. The staff there are mostly from RPGMakerVX.net, which used to be my cyber home, and because of iEntry – the shittiest company ever – it’s now perceptionally considered gone, as the members are being advised to migrate to RPG Maker Web forum.

So yeah, it’s my new cyber home now. I hope to see you guys over there. Please have a nice day!

Side Notes:

Side-view Battler: Ice Crystal Monster or whatevs >_>

I know it’s not the best and is actually one of the worst :P but I’ll just share it here in case you feel like it could be of any use. More to come later as I am currently practicing this pixel art thingy.

And well, since someone asked me this, here’s the crystal without that monster ball inside, in case you want to see and ‘study’ or whatevs >_>

Side Notes: